The Team

    FC Building offers the complete building solution. From design to development and all the management in between, the team know exactly what’s required to build something that is both architecturally sound and aesthetically beautiful.

    Cornerstone Design offer services which go beyond traditional design practices and takes an over-arching view of a project from concept to completion. William Karavelas, the founder, has over 30 years’ experience, having served on numerous urban design panels and has offered peer design reviews of important projects throughout the Sydney region.

    Vic Lake Architect’s commitment to excellence in design, sustainability and client services only solidifies their reputation as a respected Sydney practice. The VLA Interior Design team provided a selection of two colour and finishes schemes to highlight the building’s character and architectural features as well as a selection of quality fixtures, fittings and equipment items to further enhance the spaces.

    Arab Bank Australia Limited, abal banking, has been operating in the Australian market since 1986. The Bank is committed to excelling in specific areas to ensure the delivery of a superior and unique banking experience for both customers and the wider community. The Bank has developed expertise in a number of industries and product categories, particularly in the areas of property, everyday banking and international trade.